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Hi, I’m Chloë, and I work freelance as a designer, illustrator, journalist, website maker and blogger, and now, I’ve landed a gig teaching art students how to blog too. So guess what? I’ve started another blog to keep all my most useful pieces of advice safe and in the same place so my students can read it at a time that suits.

Here you will find information, exercises and how-tos about:

  • How to set up a basic WordPress blog and start posting content
  • How to create content that is useful for you and your audience
  • How to present information in a clear and engaging way
  • How to connect your blog with social media and research tools
  • How to organise, link and reference your content
  • Image editing and layout tools and techniques
  • Online research methods for the creative industries
  • How to write better critical essays
  • Other clever sites that educate and inspire

If you would like to get in touch, I do love to talk, just drop me an email.